Behind this story, truly make me under pressure... hahahahahaaaaaa.......

First of all, she wants me to make a smooth cupcake like in the famous bakery shop...
She likes my design but she doubt about the taste.

Hhhhmmmm.... What a challenging.. I'll do my best mam... I don't wanna give up easily just because one statement.. ;)

Than, I decided to make a vanilla cake for the cupcake and batman for the design as she requested.

And here is the final result

And these are the details.....

Not bad, isn't it ?! heheheheeee.....

So, how about the taste?!? ..... this story will be continued...
Just, keep reading...

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KK mengatakan...

Taraaaa.... its meee again!! your miss complaint hahahahaha...(love it!!!)
Good Job my dear.. Hmmm... d'taste? Let me resume it.
Kuenya.. enak.. lebih lembut dari yang sebelum2nya (eksperimen resep baru berhasil..isn't it??
Topping.. untuk logo Batman..Bagus!! u really think smart & think hard yaa.. Tapi masih kurang banyak lagi macemnya masa cuma 2.. face sama logo doang.. yang ada tulisan batmannya mana?
Tapi buat keseluruhan.. Keep d good job my dear.. CAYO

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