Tumpeng almost presents in every kind of ceremony, happy or sad ceremony.

Tumpeng is a ceremonial dish of yellow rice served in a cone shape, like a mountain. The shape represents a hope of increasing life toward a higher level of human needs and life-goals. Despite there are some other beautiful shapes, this cone shape is important and must be applied.

The philosophy of Tumpeng is related to the geographical condition of Indonesia, especially Java as fertile island with numerous mountains and volcanoes.
The cone-shaped rice meant to mimics the holy mountain.

This cone-shape yellow rice is then put on a container covered with green leaves, which are arranged beautifully. The rice is surrounded by some particular kinds of food. Every kind of food has its own symbol, meaning and hope.

Traditionally there should be a balance between vegetables, meat, seafood. The composition of a traditional Javanese tumpeng is more complex because the elements must balance one another according to the Javanese belief.

I made this tumpeng to celebrate Jakarta birthday on June 22,2011.
The event is meant to pray for safety and welfare of the nation.

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