Kungfu Panda

Repeat order for Asyraf's birthday.... Thanks again jeng ika.. ;)

This is second time I made kungfu panda theme.
But the challenge is... I have to make different from the first one.

Then, I imagine to make "Po" as the dragon warrior with his fellow kungfu masters, protecting the valley of peace alongside of his friends.
And prepared to defeat their enemies.

Now, back to the cake.... all of the figurine are made from plastic icing and food writer which is I made manually.
But, almost the same right...??!! hehehehee... **narsis.com

Base cake is 30x30cm chocolate cake and 18x18cm cake which is I already carving to make the house and mountains.

I also make for asyraf goodie bag and his dessert table.
So, check for another post.....*twink*twink**

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